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The Swedish techno/pop-oriented group Vox Nova was formed in 2003. To celebrate Saint Bridget’s 700th anniversary in the summer of 2003 Heart Song Records released the Vox Nova single Sancta Birgitta in a limited edition.

Vox Nova creates an eclectic mix of Gregorian chant music with modern pop and techno, adding a wide range of musical influences, from classical and folk music to rock.
“I started composing my own music at the end of the eighties. On one occasion I was listening to some magical Gregorian chant music, and I got the idea to develop the music in my own way. I wanted to create a different sound using the beautiful and traditional Gregorian songs,” Pär Lindén says.
“It was a natural choice for me to combine Gregorian chant with rhythms and harmonies. It becomes a crossing of two paths, and I hope it will help Gregorian chant reach a wider audience, and that they will be enriched by listening to it.”
In January 2006 Vox Nova started working with the production team of Jens Bergmark and Fredrik Möller and in January 2007 the album Sapientia (Wisdom) was released by Heart Song Records.

Tracks by Vox Nova have since appeared on international compilations: 2009 Best of New Catholic Music [Rocking Romans, 2009], Gregorian Chants Greatest Hits [ZYX Music, 2008] and Mystic Spirits: The Chants Of Paradise [ZYX Music, 2008], also featuring artists and bands such as Blackmore´s Night, Enigma, Gregorians, Nightwish, Delerium, and Sally Oldfield.


Anna Pihl–Lindén – vocals
Veikko Kiiver – vocals
Pär Lindén – vocals, keyboard, tinwhistle and lowwhistle
Martin Cizuk – vocals
Erik Jonsson – vocals
Staffan Jonsson – Nordic Bosoki
Fredrik Möller – guitars
Anna Nord – vocals, alto recorder
Michael Pihl – guitars


Sapientia, album (2007)
Sancta Birgitta, cd-single (2003)

Vox Nova also appears on the following compilations:

Best of New Catholic Music [Rocking Romans, 2009] – (featured track: Sapientia)
Gregorian Chants Greatest Hits [ZYX Music, 2008] – (featured track: O Frondens Virga)
Mystic Spirits: The Chants Of Paradise [ZYX Music, 2008] – (featured track: Sapientia)