• Packet will be sent 2 days after payment received.
  • Packet will be sent using stamps or registered pre paid
  • Packet will be sent as a low value gift, when applicable
  • Packet will be sent with cardboard wrapping and foam cloths inside
  • Shipping will go to all regions except Russia and Belarus
  • Shipping is currently free


Shipping and timing observations

Some accurate timings as of 2023-01-07
There are constant changes both for better and worse,
so please make contact if any questions.

Now the pandemic is fading a bit but instead there is a war going on in Europe so shipping times will stick to current until further notice.

The blocked destinations are currently Russia and Belarus all other shipping destinations will not be a problem.
Recently there gave been a weather situation affecting both US and Canada.


EU up to 2 weeks.
US up to 4 weeks.
Australia up to 3 weeks.
Canada up to 4 weeks.
Chile up to 5 weeks.
Mexico up to 5 weeks.