NIGHTWISH Highest Hopes Spinefarm Records – 602498718094 Germany 2005 CD DVD

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CD-1 Wish I Had An Angel 4:04
CD-2 Stargazers 4:26
CD-3 The Kinslayer 4:01
CD-4 Ever Dream 4:44
CD-5 Elvenpath 4:38
CD-6 Bless The Child 6:12
CD-7 Nemo 4:35
CD-8 Sleeping Sun (2005 Version) 4:24
CD-9 Dead To The World 4:19
CD-10 Over The Hills And Far Away 5:00
CD-11 Deep Silent Complete 3:57
CD-12 Sacrament Of Wilderness 4:10
CD-13 Walking In The Air 5:27
CD-14 Wishmaster 4:23
CD-15 Dead Boy's Poem 6:48
CD-16 High Hopes (Live) 7:20
DVD-1 She Is My Sin (Video)
DVD-2 Dead To The World (Video)
DVD-3 The Kinslayer (Video)