METALLICA A Year And A Half Part 1 Polygram 085 550-3 ~96min run EU 1992 VHS PAL

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1 Opening Credits-"The Black Album"-Enter Soundmen-Larz Drum Trax-Songwriting-Group Recording
2 The Unforgiven
Executive-Producer – Sharon Oreck
Film Director – Matt Mahurin
Film Producer – Louise Feldman
3 Jaymz Vocals-Crunchy Guitar God Sounds-Larz Drum Edits-Jason's Bass-Kirk's Guitar Madness-More Mighty Hetfield Vocals
4 Nothing Else Matters
Film Director – Adam Dubin
Film Producer – Juliana Roberts, Scott Flor
5 "Black Album" Art Arrives-Mixing And Nixing-Mastering-Listening Party-Record Factory-Making The "Sandman" Video
6 Enter Sandman
Film Director – Wayne Isham
Film Producer – Curt Marvis, Jeff Tannebring
7 Metallica Album Finished!-Metallica Rehearsal-End Credits