METALLICA ST Anger Vertigo – 0602498653272 EU 2003 Digipak 22trx CD+ DVD

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CD-1 Frantic 5:50
CD-2 St. Anger 7:21
CD-3 Some Kind Of Monster 8:25
CD-4 Dirty Window 5:24
CD-5 Invisible Kid 8:30
CD-6 My World 5:45
CD-7 Shoot Me Again 7:10
CD-8 Sweet Amber 5:27
CD-9 The Unnamed Feeling 7:08
CD-10 Purify 5:13
CD-11 All Within My Hands 8:48
St. Anger Rehearsals
DVD-1 Frantic
DVD-2 St. Anger
DVD-3 Some Kind Of Monster
DVD-4 Dirty Window
DVD-5 Invisible Kid
DVD-6 My World
DVD-7 Shoot Me Again
DVD-8 Sweet Amber
DVD-9 The Unnamed Feeling
DVD-10 Purify
DVD-11 All Within My Hands