METALLICA A Year And A Half Part 2 Polygram 086 068-3 134min run EU 1992 VHS PAL

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1 Opening Credits-Going Out On Tour!-The Snake Pit-Backstage: Pre-Show
2 Sad But True
Film Director – Wayne Isham
3 Backstage: After Show-Waking Up Next Morning-Travelin' Band
4 For Whom The Bell Tolls
5 The Metalliplane-Radio Promo-Meet And Greet Fans
6 Enter Sandman
7 Music Video Awards-Gimme A Grammy-More With Fans
8 Harvester Of Sorrow
Film Director – Wayne Isham
Film Producer – Curt Marvis
9 Still Travelin' On The Metalliplane-Larz' Scuba Dive-Jaymz' Duck Hunt-Kirk's Guitar Shop-Jason's Birthday
10 Sad But True
11 England-Rehearsal With Queen-Metallica Playing For A Good Cause
12 Enter Sandman
Film Director – David Mallet (2)
13 Jaymz Jams With Queen-Backstage: Metallica Meets Spinal Tap-The Metallica/Guns Tour-Backstage And Onstage-Hetfield's Disaster-Riot In Montreal-Hetfield Returns
14 Nothing Else Matters
Film Director [For BBC Video] – Jeff Claire
Rhythm Guitar – John Marshall (3)
15 Metallica's Final Thoughts
16 Wherever I May Roam
Film Director [Tour Sequences Directed By] – Adam Dubin
17 End Credits